A Step-by-Step Guide to Outsource App Development in 2021

According to Statista, mobile apps are expected to generate a revenue of nearly 935 billion U.S. dollars in the next three years. Moreover, it is also expected that app downloads are expected to grow from previously 78 billion in 2017, to 258 billion in 2022.

When it comes to mobile app development, there are two options to choose from; hiring in-house developers or outsourcing to a mobile app development company. So, how exactly do you choose between the two? Also, how exactly do you outsource app development?

That’s exactly what we are going to be talking about today.

Why Outsource Application Development?

If you are planning to get an app developed for your business, outsourcing development might sound like the most ideal option. However, outsourcing comes with its own set of complications if you are not aware of its basics. The biggest problem for businesses when it comes to outsourcing projects, is finding a reliable outsource company that is willing to work with you till you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

So, how exactly do you find the right outsourcing company for your app development project? Should you opt for an in-house team and go through all the hassle of interviewing, hiring, and training employees? Well, there’s no need for that as long as you know the right way to hire a reliable outsourcing company. Read down below for benefits of outsourcing mobile app development.

1. It boosts your app development speed 

As easy as it sounds, searching and hiring a team of in-house developers requires a lot of effort and time. At times, it can take months to hire suitable candidates for your company. Moreover, you would need to train these individuals afterwards, which too takes a lot of time.

Hiring an ideal outsourcing app development company is a much better idea since these companies already hold a wide pool of talented developers, and you won’t need to hire and train in-house developers yourself.

2. It helps to expand technology stacks without re-hiring talents

Technology is constantly evolving. What’s in today would be replaced by newer and more effective technologies within a year. Therefore, it is vital that developers are familiar with the latest technology, and how it can be used effectively to create successful projects.

If you hire an in-house team, you’d need to incorporate these new technologies in your business, as well as train your team to use them. All of this takes a lot of time, cost, and effort.

On the other hand, with app development outsourcing, you won’t need to worry about constantly updating the technology for your project since the company itself manages all the tool and equipment management, as well as team training.

3. It’s more cost-effective as compared to in-house teams

The whole process of hiring an in-house team for app development is not only hectic, but also very time-consuming. Not to mention, with all the headcount, accommodation costs, travel costs, electricity bills, salaries, and everything, it is a much pricier option as compared to outsourcing app development.

As compared to in-house teams, outsourcing companies cost much less. If you choose to outsource web app development, you’d save the cost of:

  • Purchasing equipment and tools for developers
  • Hiring and training employees
  • Renting additional workspace
  • Salaries of individual employees, and much more


How to outsource mobile app development?

Wondering how to outsource mobile app development? Let’s have a look at how to outsource development step-by-step. 

1. Design an outline for your app

Before you ask an outsourcing company to start working on your project, it is important that you yourself have a clear vision of your product. Though a lot of outsourcing companies offer the option to assist the client in forming an app online, it’s better that you know what you want the final product to look like, so that your expectations can be conveyed to the developers.

An outline for your app not only helps the whole development process to progress smoothly, but also narrows down the chances of poor product delivery later on. Ask yourself the following questions while creating your app online.

  • What is the purpose of your app?
  • What solution should the app provide to the users?
  • Do you want to build an Android app or an iOS app?
  • What features do you wish to incorporate in your app?
  • What kind of design should your app have?

2. Estimate your budget

Once you are done creating an outline for your app, the next thing you should do is estimate your budget. If you are looking for something cheap, then you can opt for off-the-shelf solutions. However, off-the-shelf solutions offer limited features, aren’t unique, and rarely stand out from the rest of the apps.

If you wish to create an effective, high-quality app then you can either hire freelance developers or outsource the project to an app to an app development company. Both of the options work great if you need to create a highly-functional app.

One popular misconception that surrounds the pricing factor is that there’s a huge difference between the fee to hire freelancers and companies. However, that’s not the case. There are many outsourcing companies out there that offer top-quality development at an affordable price.

3. Research app developers

There are millions of app development companies around the globe. However, not all of them serve up to the expectations of their customers. Therefore, it is important to choose the one that matches your set of requirements and has ample amount of experience in mobile app development.

Other factors that need to be considered while hiring an outsourcing company is their set of skills, the type of technology they use, how much they cost to develop an app, as well as communication.

The location for the company usually has an impact on the communication factor. Therefore, you’d need to choose the location you’re going to hire the company from early on. Providers are usually classified according to three location categories, that are; onshore app developers, off-shore app developers, and nearshore companies.

4. Interview the developers

After you are done making a list of companies that suit your requirements, the next step is to interview them to make the final decision. You can make a list of the shortlisted companies/candidates, and interview them one by one.

You can ask them questions related to their experience, their goals and aims when it comes to developing apps, how effectively they can communicate with you regarding the project, the fee they charge, client reviews, and so on. This will allow you to decide whether or not they are the right fit for your needs.

Other than this, you can also discuss time management plans, time differences, and other things that can impact the performance of the process.

5. Communicate your expectations to the company you choose to work with

Once you have decided which company you would feel comfortable working with, you can begin working towards the development phase. Discuss all of your expectations from the company, the type of product you want, and everything else you find important to be discuss before the development begins.

If you are unsure about something, you can share the concern with them as advice from experienced professionals can always help improve the outcome.

How to choose the right app outsourcing company?

Let’s have a look at some of the qualities of reliable outsourcing companies.

  • The company communicates effectively, and responds to all your concerns in a timely manner
  • The company provider 24/7 technical support services
  • They want to know how you wish the project to turn out
  • They are willing to provide ideas and advice regarding how your product can be made better
  • They don’t hesitate to share their portfolio, and client testimonials
  • Their project manager has good communicational skills and has a perfect command of the language
  • They are using the latest technologies, and can provide clarifications in simple words why tech option A is better than option B
  • They keep their clients updated regarding project progress during each development cycle
  • They can provide exact details about their plan for your project’s execution


When it comes to successful app development, it all boils down to hiring a good outsourcing company. Today, the market is full of app development vendors providing all types of app development services. Therefore, it is important that you take out time to choose wisely.

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